Beyond the Horse’s Eye – A Fantasy Out of Time


A sensual LGBTQ adventure, romance, fantasy, science fiction, literary novel for all who believe and participate (or are thinking about participating) in the struggle.

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J, a troubled five-year-old living in Washington Heights, has a life-long, daunting mission: use her mind-bending powers against NASA scientists planning a premature leap for earth from the Atomic to the Empath Age, harnessing the energy of ­empathy to colonize other planets. J is the protégé of Telmx, a young woman Imari warrior from an outside galaxy who arrives on Earth following the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, endows J with powerful empathy, and eventually transforms from savior into extraterrestrial lover. Through the time-traveling nightmares and hallucinations of J, the anti-war demonstrations of the sixties, and Telmx’s battle with the violent Raymond, a rogue “Imari-turned-bad,” the struggle for peace in the universe ensues. Beyond the Horse’s Eye–a Fantasy Out of Time is only the start of a daring and controversial journey, a race against time all too close to our own.

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Judge, 25th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards:

The opening is a unique and intriguing way to frame the story. It pulls readers in to see what will happen. One of the problems with stories that involve other worlds is that the narrative is often slowed to describe creatures, situations, and history. A bit of that happens here. The plot is interesting and unique. Even though Telmx is nonhuman, we like her for her tender care of J and for the dilemma she finds herself in. She is kind and inquisitive, which makes her the type of character we want to follow through the story. The style is easy to read with a clear, almost elegant voice.

From a Review in Sinister Wisdom (A Multicultural Lesbian Literary & Art Journal), pp. 111-113, vol. 90, Fall, 2013:

Cast with a feminist perspective, with rollicking lesbian sex scenes and multilateral committed relationships, Rose’ novel is nevertheless a classic drama of good racing to outwit evil. It is a tale that pauses on the last page, but, true to our compromised souls, does not end. Rose draws on her years of psychotherapeutic practice to create complex and engaging main characters, along with sound astronomy and speculative physics.
Jane Curzon, author and arts critic

Pre-publication Reviews

Abused children often create imaginary friends and secret worlds to cope with an impossible reality. But what if the imaginary friend became real and the ­secret worlds could be visited? Beyond the Horse’s Eye – a Fantasy Out of Time is a book built around a fascinating concept: empathy for all living things can be channeled into a powerful energy force. A period of rich ferment—the 1960s in the U.S.–with opposition to the Vietnam War, the civil rights movement, the movement for sexual liberation, revisited, as species beyond humans, join forces with young earthlings, now with empath power, and cooperate to change ­history. Worlds, energy forms and loves collide with unexpected results. An exciting read that is wise and full of intuitions on pain, survival, rehabilitation and change.
Sara Flounders, Co-Director, International Action Center

The same exciting humane and creative thrust is in this novel that is pouring out now in the streets of our cities. By employing the thoroughness of an architect’s layered blueprint, the savvy of a scientist’s research, the imagination of a painter’s universe-scape, Janet Rose has constructed a fascinating intergalactic setting inhabited with larger-than-life extraterrestrial gurus and their earthling protégés, a trio of multi-talented, street-smart avengers. The wise Imari from Galern II train the threesome, who have overcome abusive childhoods, as Travel Monitors to engage in high-stakes interplanetary drama to save the universe from repeating horrific devastations by ­present-day ­intergalactic and earthling imperialists. In this breathtaking adventure we ­witness LGBTQ sensibilities expand as we travel with J and her comrades through Earth’s transition from the Atomic to Empath Age. Fasten your space-belts as we, the ­readers, are challenged and inspired by these unique characters’ impassioned struggles (from beyond our galaxy, to Jupiter’s Europa and New ­Jersey), along with their extraterrestrial allies, to save humanity, universal ­harmony and egalitarianism.
Jeri Hilderley, Author, Mari and Rune Seeker

Janet Rose has written an intriguing intergalactic mystery, thriller, love story. If you want to be transported from Earth’s harsh realities to a far more evolved place of compassion and connection, read this book!
Susan Elizabeth Davis, Author, Love Means Second Chances

Take me some place I’ve never been before. Take me to a place that is new and yet is part of my earliest dreams of what could be. Janet Rose blends the yearnings and nightmares we remember from childhood with the sophistication of ­political awareness in the present, but never lets us forget the intensity of our earliest memories. In a complex amalgam of past and present, she allows us to unite the ­personal and political in a fascinating journey from the end of World War II to the uncertain present. This odd combination of fantasy and political commentary is a must-read for anyone interested in the fate of the human race.
Sue Harris, Ph.D., Psychologist; Director, Poison Dust: A New Look at U.S. Radioactive Weapons; Co-Director, Peoples Video Network; Harry Potter ­aficionado.

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Two Gems in a Jewel Case:

Lyric poems by Sappho set to original music by Jeri Hilderley for guitars, marimba and voice, presented in a CD jewel case with a full color, 32 page collectors’ book, which includes lyrics, artwork, reproductions of original Greek papyri of Sappho’s lyric poetry, and more. Translations are by Pulitzer Prize nominee Konstantinos Lardas.

[Cover and booklet/CD packaging design: Virginia Cahill; 
photo of marble head of Sappho credit: Carole Raddato]
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REVIEW: The Gay & Lesbian Review: “Sappho Transfigured”, by Rosemary Booth


“IT SEEMS everyone’s boarding the Sappho boat these days, eager to travel with the ancient poet and tell the world who she was. One person well qualified to be Sappho’s herald and interpreter is singer, songwriter, and musician Jeri Hilderley, who pays homage to the poet with a stirring new CD, Time Traveling with Sappho. Hilderley co-produced the album with bassist Janet Mayes, who is also her life partner, and with the help of sound engineer Bruce MacPherson.”


“The CD is thus an amalgamation of two recordings by the same artist separated by some 35 years, and the effect is mesmerizing. ” Read more


“I played it at night, and so the way it was born out that stillness of the night – the way it was born out of silence, seamlessly came into sound, gave birth to sound and then went seamlessly back to the silence that became richer because of the music that had existed there. Oh my God, the book, the music, exquisite, exquisite. The book is fantastic. Where on earth did you get all that material? I am so impressed, amazed, my jaw has dropped all the way down to Tasmania. Oh God it is so beautiful. The two of you, just to think of you making music together. It reminded me also of some Indian texts and prayers from the same time as Sappho.”
–Padma Hejmadi, author of novels, short stories and non-fiction. Her works include Room to Fly: A Transcultural Memoir, Birthday Deathday & Other Stories, and The Challenge of Indian Fiction in English. Her time has been mainly spent between India, the U.S, and Moku O Keawe, or the Big Island of Hawaii.

“One gorgeous, beautiful piece of music. Your voice at 77, as you’ve acknowledged in your notes, is more beautiful than ever. We’ve long had the cassette that has the song, “Does Anybody in this Town Like Dancing?” But your voice has grown with an enormous resonance, a voice of a person who has profoundly experienced love, lost love, gained love and it’s all there in the music, and we find it extraordinary. You’ve done a great service to Gus and Gus’ translations, but you’ve done a great service to yourself. If the world has any sense, which it often doesn’t, the meaning of this piece of work will be acknowledged. We were profoundly moved by it. We love the arrangements, the performance, all the instruments, but particularly your voice. It is so resonant with a knowledge of love that it could only fail to move a stone-hearted idiot. What a beautiful thing. May it have a long life, the CD and the music.”
–Eric Lindbloom & Nancy Willard. Photographer Lindbloom is a founding member of Center for Photography in Woodstock. He has published four books of his photographs, including Salt Grass and Angels at the Arno; his work is in worldwide collections and libraries. Nancy Willard, was Professor and Lecturer at Vassar College for five decades. Her novels include Sister Water; her books of poetry include A Visit to William Blake’s Inn and The Sea at Truro.

“It is so beautiful listening to you. It’s like it was yesterday. It’s ultra beautiful. Thank you again, and again and again. It keeps Gus with us.”
–Sophia Lardas, widow of the translator, Konstantinos Lardas

About Lardas’ work: “It exists in so many dimensions,…rich, slow, sluggish, languid, sensuous….” “…wonderfully rich…..”
— Austin Warren, American literary critic, author, and professor of English.

“Time Traveling with Sappho is haunting; it speaks to you, gives voice to lesbian love in a way I haven’t heard said before.”
– Sue Harris, Director, Peoples Video Network.

About Jeri’s music: “…ethereal, sensuous, and teasing, the songs are romantic, whimsical, yearning, and fun.”
–Merry Gangemi, Producer, Host, Woman-Stirred Radio, Radio Goddard,GDR.

Cover and book/CD packaging design: Virginia Cahill; photo of marble head of Sappho  – credit: Carole Raddato
Co-Produced with SeaWave Recordings

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