Age of Empath
A period of time in a planet’s history in which the distinctive characteristic is the dependence on empath energy. If an ethically immature species, one organized for conquering and exploitation, discovers how to harness and wield empath energy for space travel, weapons, and ultimately time travel, intergalactic species would be endangered. The Intergalactic Council oversees and mandates the Order of Empath Travel Scouts to identify and monitor planets that are entering the Age of Empath prematurely. Since the peaceful Age of Empath has been in existence on member planets for so many millennia, a growing number of Council delegates have become complaisant and question the need for continued monitoring.

A method of heating food and drink by effusing personal empath energy directly into the container. To auto-effuse, bend your head until your cilia are directly over the container, and transmit your empath energy. Works best on vegan stews, dipping sauces and teas. Most efficient if used with a frimulator. It is also possible to use an ordinary container, earthling or otherwise, but the result will be far less satisfying.

Books of Kro’an’ot
A tome of many volumes that formulates and explains the philosophy of the ancient legendary Imari, whose wisdom was originally empathically gleaned from the Kiolanthe, the little people on the planet Kiol. The Books must be studied by all who apply to the Order of Empath Travel Scouts, with full mastery attained after three grueling Galern II years of training at the Institute.

A beverage brewed from the bot’ime root, originally discovered on the planet Kiol, where the Kiolanthe cultivated and harvested it in their sprawling forests. The most delicious vintage varieties of bot are from Kiol, but bot’ime is now cultivated throughout the known sentient universe, and excellent varieties of the brew are abundant and readily available. As people mature beyond the rich natural empath capabilities of infancy and childhood (with a strong resurgence in adolescence), natural personal empath energy must be boosted and maintained by bot.

Clusters of long silvery wafting filaments emanating from sentients who possess advanced empath energy powers. In sapient species the cilia grow directly above the eyes, replacing eyebrows. But on other species they can be found in various places. For example, on elephant-like species, they cluster at the edge of their nostrils. On certain dolphin-like species they completely cover the body like soft fur.

Empath energy
A powerful form of energy generated by all living beings as they interact with each other. Infants, in their in utero connection with their biological parent, possess the most empath energy, which is then assimilated by the embryonic fluid (Kiolanthe birthing ritual includes drinking the embryonic fluid to enhance empath energy, especially among those who will be caretaking the infant). Infants depend on empath energy to communicate with the primary parenting one(s), sending that energy out to their caretaker(s). At any given moment, the primary caretaker absorbs the empathically borne communication in order to meet the infant’s needs, and in the process, having been so empathically enhanced by the interaction, communicates directly back to the infant his or her moods, positive and negative, which the infant absorbs like a sponge. The back-and-forth communication is seamless and profound, and is the primary early influence on the infant’s personality development. \

Communal interaction, as well as interaction between two people, or even imagined interaction between two people, all enhance empath. Even drinking bot alone works to enhance empath. Ceremonial communal practices of “breaking the froth” and sharing a goblet of bot further synergistically enhance empath.

To keep in touch with and enhance one’s empath capacities past childhood requires discipline. As recorded in the Legend of Kro’an’ot, the Imari species was the first to develop high levels of connection with birth-given empath capacities. Eventually the Imari trained other species. The most disciplined reach high levels of skill in harnessing and wielding inherent empath capabilities.
The chemistry of empath energy enhancement is only understood by the most sophisticated scientists. In order to supplement solar energy and maintain the energy grids and fuel required for all modes of travel (including interstellar), all sentients possessing empath energy donate their energy on a regular schedule to booster generating plants.

An Imari “samovar” that has absorbed empath energy from users over the millennia. A large Imari ornate metallic device that receives empath energy via cilia (see auto-effuse), and auto-effuses or heats powders, liquids and solid food. The top looks like a narrow chimney with a flared opening. The steamy liquid can be poured using a spigot on the bottom side; heated foods can be accessed via a sliding tray. The older the frimulator, the more succulent the brew.

Galern II
The second planet from the sun in the Galern star system. Home to the Imari species, populated by the descendents of the original Imari who were nomads on the planet Kiol in the Gilophir star system.

Originally a nomadic sapient socialist species living on the planet Kiol. The first species in the known universe to harness empath energy for peaceful practical use, including space travel. A major grouping ultimately settled on Galern II.

Highly empathic sentients indigenous to the planet Kiol, who, according to legend, first communicated with the Imari nomads and warned them about the misuse of empath energy in the universe.

Legend of Kro’an’ot
The story of the Imari Kro’an’ot and her best friend, Gimot, who first encountered the Kiolanthe. She is the author of the Books of Kro’an’ot.

A slight tweaking of someone else’s mind. Forbidden by the Intergalactic Council except in extraordinary circumstances. Level VI Empaths are endowed with controlled mindshift but are only allowed to exercise this power when mandated by the Council. Untrained empaths, particularly children of planets not yet in the Age of Empath, might discover mindshifting and inadvertently use it on others to obtain what they want or need.

Order of Empath Travel Scouts
Originally only qualified Imari were trained at the Institute, but the Kiolanthe mandate was for all ethically mature sentients in the universe to have the opportunity to apply for training and attain Level VI status. The Kiolanthe knew there were multitudes of sentient species in the universe, and trained the original Imari children with the explicit mandate that when they located a sentient species whose planet was entering the Age of Empath, they would train appropriate children on that planet to enter the Order. In each case, the Mission of the Travel Scouts is to assess whether or not the sentients on the discovered planet are ethically ready to use empath energy peacefully or for enthrallment of others within their own planet or of species on other planets. When necessary, the Travel Scouts must select and train empath talented indigenous children to monitor the situation on their planet if, when analyzed, that planet appears to be emerging prematurely into the Age of Empath.

Paired photons or “quantum entanglement”
Michio Kaku, in Physics of the Impossible: “If two electrons are initially vibrating in unison (a state called coherence) they can remain in wavelike synchronization even if they are separated by a large distance…. If something happens to one electron, then some of that information is immediately transmitted to the other…. Einstein derisively called this ‘spooky-action-at distance,’…” (p. 60, Kaku, Michio. Physics of the Impossible. New York: Doubleday, 2008). In 1967, NASA scientists were beginning to discover that a primitive form of empath connection with the photons (they called it ESP) allowed them to manipulate the “spooky action” at will (a precursor to intergalactic space travel), which meant they were prematurely entering the Age of Empath.

Panda-like sentients who vigorously question the Mission of the Order of Empath Travel Scouts. The Pomdos and their allies form a powerful faction in the Intergalactic Council.

A very rarely used process which brings an individual, grouping or entire planet back to an earlier period in development. It is authorized by the Intergalactic Council in very rare instances on those who would harness empath energy, wittingly or unwittingly, for purposes that threaten the tranquility of the universe.

Virtual Empath (V.E.)
A dream-like state that allows users to access from their inner chambers mini-dramas of events acquired from various sources:

1) A dramatized message empathically sent by one or more people to another person’s inner chamber. V.E.-dreamers can actually have a conversation with the person or people who have placed a V.E.-message in their inner chamber, but only to ask questions and obtain clarity. They might object to what the other person has sent them , but they can’t change the content. Such messages are often sent by people who are about to die to someone they are extremely close to, only to be accessed in that person’s inner chamber posthumously.

2) A dramatized message, accessible by a V.E.-viewer, generally sent by one person at a console to a group of people, each sitting in front of an individual viewer. Often used in meetings to efficiently convey complicated information. If the mini-drama is downloaded from a person’s inner chamber to a V.E.-chip, minimal empath energy is required. First the energy is used to perform the download from a person’s inner chamber to the chip. Then, the chip is inserted into a master console, which sends the V.E.-experience to the other viewers. The only other energy required is from each receiving user to absorb the V.E. that has been sent. If viewers and chips are not available, a person can send the V.E.-mini-drama to the inner-mind chambers of those in close proximity, but this requires much more empath energy from the sender and the receivers.

3) A V.E.-time-travel-mini-drama, in which a person with very advanced empath powers can access past and future events without the aid of consoles or messages conveyed by others. The event is accessible simply because it exists on the time/space continuum. Sometimes an extremely talented but untrained child with exponentially enhanced empath powers, will fall into a V.E.-time-travel dream. These are sometimes experienced as intensely horrible nightmares.

In some instances people in a V.E.-state may feel as if they are actually participating in the mini-drama, but they cannot alter anything through action or thought. Inexperienced individuals are often convinced they can have an impact upon what they are viewing. Trained empaths can consciously or unconsciously absorb V.E.-messages from objects that have been immersed with V.E.

People can V.E.-travel to their inner chambers at will, but sometimes they simply find themselves there.

Because V.E.-states are intensely vibrant, adult users are cautioned to wear V.E.-goggles, which not only protect them from the staggering sensations associated with the mini-drama, but also help minimize their empath energy drain. In certain instances not wearing goggles can be permanently damaging or even lethal because of the intensity of the V.E.-experience, so adults usually carry goggles with them at all times. Because children are naturally endowed with empath energy and consciously or unconsciously communicate using empath anyway, their bodies intuitively control the intensity of the V.E.-experience, i.e., they do not require goggles.

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